Nurulize showcases mind-blowing, real-time RISE VR experience at GDC 2015

We’re showcasing our RISE Oculus DK2 tech demo at GDC 2015 in San Francisco this week.

RISE is a fully immersive virtual reality experience that tells the story of a robot uprising from the perspective of a sentient robot agitator who’s been captured.

Check out the video of the real-time 4K running in Unreal Engine 4:

RISE explores the confluence of VR and science fiction cinema. The demo centers around a scene taken from Director David Karlak’s short film RISE.

This can’t be real-time, can it?

The creative team is led by VFX-industry veteran and Scott Metzger who has pioneered a unique, time-intensive approach to bring these CG assets to a realtime environment.

Starting with the environment captured with FARO LIDAR scans, HDR photography, and the XXArray character captures, they then used these enormous data sets to reconstruct the scene in its entirety.

The results in this brand new demo are astonishing and introduce a number of technical milestones, including:

  • Real-time display of VFX assets
  • Dynamic physical camera simulation for accurate depth of field
  • A full 16-bit float scene for dynamic, accurate exposure adjustment

Philip Lunn, CEO of Nurulize comments: “All of this technical work and the immense level of detail that we’ve added to the scene and characters in particular, create this truly amazing look that will just blow people away. The RISE VR experience is just one of the ways we are experimenting with this exciting technology as we work to build experiences and software solutions that will shape the way we interact and consume media in the future.”

Even more to come

The Nurulize team are also working on a number of other projects, as they work to push the boundaries and accessibility of VR for the masses.

As well as RISE, Nurulize has developed the NuReality: Desert Home, which was showcased at CES last month. The Desert Home is a uniquely immersive VR environment that transports user into an incredibly luxury detailed California home in the desert.

Details magazine described it as: “One of the best experiences at the show…” and continued that “it’s going to change the way people look at VR once it’s more widely implemented.”

See the demo at GDC 2015

If you’re at GDC and want to experience the real-time version yourself on the Oculus headset, be sure to visit Nurulize on Graphine’s booth (#101).