Nu Reality: Desert Home VR Experience introduced at CES 2015

NuReality replicates reality in unprecedented photo-realistic detail.

Nikon Booth CES 2015, Las Vegas, NV January 6th, 2015

Nurulize™ today introduces Nu Reality: Desert Home VR Experience that replicates a real mid century modern home in the desert with an unprecedented level of real time realism. Desert Home VR experience is where magical and entertaining things happen and can be shared with others.

For creation of desert home, Nurulize used a high end process of photographic capture using 36.3 megapixel Nikon D810 cameras with multi exposure HDR images and lidar point scanning to build a detailed and accurate replica of a real place. Binaural sound was captured to ensure accurate replication of the sonic signature of the location. In total, an area of nearly six acres was captured in high resolution and the recreation has been built with painstaking detail. All the content has been designed to run at high frame rate even at 4K that future proof’s the VR experience. This is what VR is meant to be.

At the CES 2015 Nikon® booth #11041, four physical chairs are arranged in the same position as the virtual replica so when you put on the VR headset, your world view is shifted to the vibrantly colored interior of the desert home.  Inside the room you find book on the table and when you peer at the book, a beautifully rendered solar system rises from the book and rotates before you. In addition to the VR experience on Oculus, the Desert Home will also be seen on an Eizo ColorEdge 4K color accurate monitor that shows the real-time scene with unprecedented color accuracy at 159 ppi.

“We’ve combined the best of both worlds, photographically captured reality and beautifully rendered computer graphics to create a memorable VR experience that leaves you wanting for more” says Scott Metzger Chief Creative Officer of Nurulize.

The preview is a taste of what is to come. Nurulize has many things planned for release of Desert Home with downloadable content. It’s designed to be a place to relax, work or play with others in a collaborative way, or just sit on the porch and stargaze. Desert home is where you will be able to download and add new experiences, add beautiful art objects, and customize the home to suit your taste. Live feeds of Facebook® and Instagram® will stream into custom picture frames. You’ll be able to watch tv on the screen in the room, or enlarge your monitor to IMAX® size to simulate a drive in theater.  Manufacturers will be able to preview products in VR in a real environment showing them at their best.