Store No. 8 Hosts Innov8: V-Commerce Gala, previewing the future of retail in Virtual Reality

Gala presented immersive retail experiences in virtual reality in collaboration with Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global and Accenture. 

Nurulize – Showcased Atom View technology which enables products or environments to be imported, edited and streamed into a VR volumetric space from any captured or created data source. Nurulize’s Nu Design VR software application demonstrated social interaction where two or more people explored virtual items with unprecedented detail and interaction. For the first time, consumers can experience virtual shopping with others, creating a true social VR shopping and sharing experience.

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FX Guide reviews Atom View

Mike Seymour from FX Guide gives an in-depth review of Atom View.

One of the really impressive technologies at SIGGRAPH was Atom View by Nurulize. Several companies have tried to address bringing the real world with Interactivity to VR. In the past we have covered 8i which is one such company.  Others are exploring Light Fields to resolve this. Approaching this problem from a different but very high end perspective is Atom View by Nurulize.